The Kick Sugar Coach Podcast

Laura Lively: From Impossible to Possible

January 20, 2023 Laura Lively Episode 15
The Kick Sugar Coach Podcast
Laura Lively: From Impossible to Possible
Show Notes

Laura Lively was overweight by the age of 3. She spent the next 50 years yo-yo dieting. She tried them all!

By the time she entered college, she was 297 pounds and desperate. Through calorie restriction and exercise, she managed to keep her weight below 200 pounds until one day she tore a muscle in her hip which plunged her into 10 years of agonizing pain.

Some of the best opiates on the market were unable to make her comfortable but bottles of wine did. Laura soon found herself a ‘functional alcoholic’ drinking to the point of blackouts. Her life was going from bad to worse and when she topped 300 pounds she knew something had to give, she just didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, shortly after reaching her highest weight, an email showed up in Laura’s inbox that introduced to the concept of sugar/ food addiction and internal family systems. Taken together they created a massive transformation in her life.

Six years later, Laura is at her goal weight for the first time in her life and has maintained it for the past five years. Plus, she’s happier and healthier. 

Laura is living proof that it can be darkest before dawn and even the most seemingly hopeless of situations can be turned around. Our bodies can heal and our lives can become joyful.

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